Monday, May 7, 2012

Beach Time! Summer 2012

Summer in and around Lima is definitely a fun time of year!  With perfect temperatures and sunshine for 4 months, we had plenty of opportunities to enjoy days on the beach.  The beaches right along Lima's coastline (within the city) are continually improving but can be a very crowded place to be.  It is a great place for surfers to enjoy the waves, but not so great for someone wanting to go swim in the ocean.  Most of the coast has a rocky coastline making access into the water and places to sit and enjoy a little hard to find.  It is also true that you will find quite a bit of pollution in and around the coastline within the city of Lima - this is hard for me to see.  It is definitely getting better and efforts are being made to change this though. There is also a lot of development and construction going on near the coastline, and I the beachfront property is definitely being spruced up.  Many people from Lima actually head 1-3 hours to the South of the city each weekend to enjoy more sandy, tranquil beach settings.  It is even pretty common for upper-class (or even middle-class) famillies to have a second home on the beach to the south of the city.  The areas to the south are also developing more and offer some beautiful sandy coastlines as a great place to go and relax.

We have been lucky enough to spend quite a few weekends on the beach to the south of the city.  Julio has several friends with homes there, and many of them have been kind enough to invite us to come down and enjoy a weekend with them.  There are lots of nightclubs and beach parties each weekend as well.  It amazes me that during the summer in Lima, the nightclubs are almost left empty as all of the youth have fled to a party in one of the clubs in the south.  For me, heading to the South is just a much needed break from the busy city!  It is so nice to head down to a somewhat quiet beach to relax, hang out with friends, and enjoy nature.  I miss the feeling of looking out and seeing pure nature with no distractions.  The ocean is really one of the only places in Peru where I can do that.  

I still need to learn to surf!  I have always wanted to learn to surf and have only attempted twice.  The first time in California and the second time in Peru.  I have managed to stand on the board a couple of times, but not actually to do anything but fall over after 5 seconds.  Julio was doing surfing a while ago with some friends, but since breaking his wrist, he hasn't been able to do it again.  I am hoping that in a couple months we can head out together and try to learn.  The truth is, I am a little bit scared of the ocean here.  I am slowly getting more comfortable going in the ocean and swimming around a little bit, but the ocean is very strong here.  Just getting myself in and out (over the breaking point) has proved to be difficult for me at times!  So... maybe this is the real reason that I haven't tried harder to take the initiative and go surf.  I must admit I do have a little bit of a fear of the ocean.  It is so big, strong, and completely out of my control!  Hopefully with more time I will be able to give it a real shot.  This leaves me with something to look forward to when I return back to Peru.

Enjoy a few pictures of our travels to the beach!

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